Merfolk Enchantment Epic Quest Day 1

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Merfolk Enchantment Epic Quest Day 1

Post  littleman4ever on Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:18 pm

The oceans have always fascinated mankind. Throughout history there have been many fantastic tales and stories to explain the natural movements and migrations of the currents and the creatures beneath the waves. So many creatures dwell under the ocean's surface that we are still discovering mysteries that the watery depths conceal.

But among all the tales and stories told of the ocean in all of history, one of the most beloved legends is that of the Merfolk.

Merfolk have now come to our world and each of us will have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the depths of the ocean that defines the legends surrounding merfolk lore.

However, some things in life can not be bought with gold or silver, but must instead be earned. This is true for the enchantment which makes experiencing the awe and mystery of merfolk possible.

To obtain this enchantment we have created an Epic Quest which will be available throughout September. You can begin the quest anytime you wish during this month and upon completion you will receive your Merfolk Enchantment.

There are seven quests, each with a unique reward, some of which will be needed for the next step in your journey. The first quest includes a reward of 1,000 credits and the first Merfolk Enchantment pin, the Ocean Pin! As each quest is completed, you will receive a unique reward and the next Merfolk Pin.

Each day you can complete the next step in the Epic Quest, receiving your new rewards and progressing towards enchantment.

Upon completion of the Epic Quest your reward will be Merfolk Enchantment. This enchantment also comes with a merfolk room which opens onto an underwater world. There is also a shop where you can get merfolk clothes!

The merfolk enchantment lasts as long as you wish and you can start and end it at any time.

We hope you enjoy our new Epic Quest and the enchantment of Merfolk!


The Ocean Pin


1000 Credits



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