Legends in History Epic Journey Quest Day 5

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Legends in History Epic Journey Quest Day 5

Post  PirateinBlack on Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:58 am

This is the fifth day of your epic quest for fairy enchantment! Today's quest seeks to explore the depths of the ocean, and delve into the history of some of the most interesting legendary sea creatures!

All peoples living next to the sea tell tales of immense monsters inhabiting the waters. Perhaps the tales originate from actual creatures living below the surface of the ocean, or just fabricated stories caused by one too many days swabbing the deck, but however they arise, they are fascinating!

Your reward for completing this quest is 1,000 credits and the fifth pin in the Legends in History Collection, the Sea Monster Pin!

For those who missed previous days in our epic journey, you can pick up where you left off anytime during the month of August.

Perhaps most importantly, this is your fifth step toward achieving Fairy Enchantment!

Day 5 Prizes:

+ 1000 credits

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