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Homepage Banner Contest August

Post  PirateinBlack on Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:41 pm

Since AngelRuby is not online much, I will release this contest.

This is where you create a banner for us, that will go on our homepage at the top for August, when after there will be another contest for the next month. Once you have entered within the deadline, all of the entries will be posted where the members of the site vote for which one they like best. There will only be 1 winner. The winner will recieve a icon in their profile that shows they have won this contest.


- The size of the banner must be in between '1001x301'

- Only one entry per person

- To enter your banner, send it to PirateinBlack via this forum in a message and post your banner there entitled 'Homepage Banner Contest August - (your VFK Forums Online name)'
e.g. 'Homepage Banner Contest August - PirateinBlack'

- The winner will recieve an icon to show they have won this contest

- The banner must be made and then entered in by 12pm 3rd August

- Any late entries will not be entered into the voting, therefore not counting

- Voting will run from 4th August - 12pm 7th August

- The winner will be posted at the top of every page on the 8th of August until the competition winner for the next month is chosen. Their name will also be posted in the portal

- No animations or glittery effects allowed

- If your banner is recieved succesfully after being entered, you will recieve a notification email. However, if not, your banner may not have been recieved, but please allow time for us to get back to you (as we may not be online etc.)

- Please remember to insert the 'VFK Forums Online' into the banner somewhere as the title

- A new slogan can be created, as the current one is not permanent

- Do not include any person's name or your name, even to say that it was done by you

Ty, xxo pirat


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