VFK Roswell Incident Quest!

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VFK Roswell Incident Quest!

Post  littleman4ever on Mon May 25, 2009 2:15 am

Almost sixty-two years ago, an "incident" took place in the desert on a remote ranch northwest of Roswell, New Mexico. A press release by the US military of Roswell Army Air Field was issued on the morning of July 8, 1947. It stated that "the wreckage of a crashed disk (UFO) had been recovered." The press release was sent over the wire services in time to make the afternoon edition of over thirty newspapers. After only hours, a second press release from the Fort Worth Army Air Field in Texas rescinded the first press release and claimed that the debris was from a weather balloon and its radar reflector. At the time, the public accepted the weather balloon story and the incident quietly disappeared. It has been cloaked in secrecy ever since. On today's quest, we will investigate the history of the Roswell "incident" and look into why the incident came back into the public eye, and what data is available surrounding the crashed UFO in Roswell, NM.

Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and Alien Oculars!


Alien Oculars


1000 Credits



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