VFK Deep Space Probe Quest!

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VFK Deep Space Probe Quest!

Post  littleman4ever on Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:36 pm

Shortly after the launch of the first space probe in 1957, the United States and the Soviet Union both began sending probes into space destined for the moon, Mars and Venus. From the early probes to the modern Mars Rovers, these technological marvels have reached into space, sending back information of distant planets, and preparing our way to the stars. These probes have been given exciting names such as Pioneer, Explorer, Venera, Luna, Mariner, Ranger, Voyager, Zond and Surveyor. On today's quest, we will explore the history of deep space probes and their missions into space!

Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and a Galactic Communications Tower!


Galactic Communications Tower


1000 Credits



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