VFK Pilgrim History Part III Quest!

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VFK Pilgrim History Part III Quest!

Post  littleman4ever on Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:23 pm

Safe at anchor in Cape Cod Bay, having escaped persecution in England and finally safe from the hazards of the ocean deep, the Pilgrims had many reasons to give thanks. They had drafted and accepted the Mayflower Compact and the next task was to set foot on the "land of promise." Our quest today explores the stories surrounding the Pilgrims' first months in their new home and all the different events which prompted them to collect together for "Thanksgiving." Inspired by their faith and their desire for freedom, the Pilgrims forged a place for themselves and their children in the New World.

Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and the Real Pilgrim Rock!


The Real Pilgrim Rock!


1000 Credits



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