Twilight Enchantment Epic Quest Day 6

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Twilight Enchantment Epic Quest Day 6

Post  littleman4ever on Sat Oct 04, 2008 12:28 am

Our epic journey continues with our sixth quest! In this sixth day of your epic quest for Twilight Enchantment, we will explore the creepy, crawly, insect sized world of spiders!

Halloween images almost always include spiders. They are one of the most "creepy" symbols of this holiday. For most people, a sudden encounter with a spider or its sticky web can cause a heart-stopping fearful reaction anywhere from raising mild goose-bumps to causing someone to run screaming from a room. These eight-legged critters, and their uncanny ability to make us shudder, are largely misunderstood, and despite the fact that spiders are the classic way to say "BOO," they are beneficial insects.

Your reward for completing this quest is 1,000 credits and the sixth pin in the Twilight Collection, the Spider Pin!

For those who missed previous days in our epic journey, you can pick up where you left off anytime during the month of October.

Perhaps most importantly, this is your sixth step toward achieving Twilight Enchantment!


The Spider Pin


1000 Credits



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