Twilight Enchantment Epic Quest Day 1

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Twilight Enchantment Epic Quest Day 1

Post  littleman4ever on Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:49 pm

Twilight, or the period just after sunset when the soft light is fading away to darkness has long been considered a magical time. It marks the time when the world "transforms" from day to night, and is symbolic in oral traditions of any kind of complete change.

Today we will embark on a 7 day epic quest to be able to assume the form of an animal shape. Ancient and indigenous cultures believe in "shape-shifting." Australian aboriginal elders are said to have the ability to shape-shift, and it is fundamental to the dreamtime foundations of their beliefs.

With Twilight enchantment, we will be able to "magically" assume the form of animals from birds in the air to creatures below the sea and a wide range of animals in-between.

The first animal that comes with your Twilight Enchantment will be the Wolf. With your Twilight Enchantment, you will be able to aquire additional wildlife shapes, as they become available.

Since October is also Halloween month, we will be finding out about the animals that are most closely associated with Halloween.

The Twilight Enchantment Epic Quest will be available throughout October. You can begin the quest anytime you wish during the end of this month and at anytime during October, and upon completion you will receive your Twilight Enchantment.

This first quest includes a reward of 1,000 credits and the first Twilight Enchantment pin, the Wolf Pin! As you complete each stage of this Epic Quest, you will receive a unique reward and the next Twilight Pin.

Each day you can complete the next step in the Epic Quest, receiving your new rewards and progressing towards enchantment.

The Twilight Enchantment lasts as long as you wish and you can start and end it at any time.

We hope you enjoy our new Epic Quest and the Twilight Enchantment!


The Wolf Pin


1000 Credits



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